Oversupervision vs. Undersupervision: Finding the Perfect Balance

This article falls nicely in line with what I was talking about in my article earlier in the week. You have to strike a balance. Simply allowing your tasks to take precedence over leading and managing places you back in to an individual contributor position. It also pushes you to exactly the “you’re responsible for your own [fill in the blank]” talked about in this article. Leading and managing needs to be respected as a job, not as simply an extra thing that happens. We have really lost our focus on each other as people, and our responsibilities to help each other and that many times goes double for managers. Every one wants to be the hero, but that can mean different things depending on the role you are in…you need to decide if you are okay being the hero in that way or leave the position.

Why Lead Now

Having direct reports can be hard. There’s so much work as it is and having to manage several employees on top of that can be overwhelming. And especially when there are urgent tasks to complete, it can be difficult to prioritize time with your direct report.

Some managers tend to pull back in situations like this, leaving the direct report to fend for him- or herself. Interestingly enough, other managers tighten the reins, keeping a closer eye on the direct reports and micromanaging, leading to more time lost. Contradictory, I know, but this does happen.

So how do you give your direct reports what they need, while also preventing them from feeling like you’re breathing down their necks? The answer is the same as what can save a marriage on the brink of disaster or stop a heated discussion from erupting into a fight: communicate. I mean, honestly, who…

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