A Quick Look

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and joining me in exploring the things that interest me, and hopefully you!

For those that are checking this out and don’t already know me, please allow me to introduce myself.  I am a professional in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology field, meaning I study and help people in the workplace.  I’m working through my academic career a bit later in life than many others after having been in the field for about 10 years and finding it exciting and rewarding.

My interests include psychology (obviously!), sociology, anthropology (the name of my blog, PsychoSoAnt, is these in combination), food, music, family, culture, history…clearly this list could go on for a VERY long time!  Essentially I love to learn, I’m constantly curious, and I love meeting new people.  Please jump in and join the conversation anywhere that interests you, as long as we can all keep it civil.

I hope you will check out my company, Sustainable People Solutions Global and perhaps we can work together in the future!

Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to meeting and talking with you more soon!

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