Been Busy, But Back!

Whew!  The last year has been crazy as I have been in school, moved, and changed jobs among other things, but it has definitely been good.  I’m hoping to get back to writing some more blogs, and definitely hope to write more often.  While I haven’t had the opportunity to write here, I have had the opportunity to write at work on our internal social network, which has been helpful so I hope to transition back to writing here with a considerable improvement to the content and style.

If there are ideas, topics, questions, etc., please feel free to get involved here, and I look forward to sharing thoughts and feelings collectively.  Also, please check out my Twitter @PsychoSoAnt for lots of good posts covering a broad swath of topics…I’m relatively sure that most will find something they like there!

The long and short of it.

As I think about why I decided to start a blog, it occurs to me that at it’s simplest it comes down to one thing: I have something to say.  I have been given the opportunity to experience quite a few different things in life, and continue to search out new experiences on a regular basis.  These can be experiences in food, business, family, friends, nature, art, music…practically anything.  So what do you do with these experiences?  You share them!

Ultimately, that’s what I hope to do here is share where I’ve been, where I am, what I’m thinking, and where I’m going.  Believe me when I say that there is plenty going on now, and that has happened already, for me to share about.  Even as I am typing this, my not-quite-two-year-old son is climbing on my lap to see what I am typing, as well as climbing on everything else, my wife of just over a year is at work, I’m listening to Slacker Radio (currently Breakeven by The Script on the Alternative channel) and wondering if I’ll hear from one of the 200 jobs that I have applied to in the last 60 days (I wish that I could say that I was being facetious), while working on my new blog and getting ready to read more of “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell (which has definitely given me some ideas to post here!).

So hopefully this doesn’t scare anyone away, and hopefully you enjoy what may come!  I know I certainly will.